50+ Legit Ways To Make Money From Home

With wages stagnating and more people every day living paycheck to paycheck, it can be hard for some of us to get a leg up. It can feel almost like you don’t have room to breathe when you’re coming home exhausted every day after work and still have no savings to show for it.

Luckily, there are a myriad of ways to make some extra cash from the comfort of your own home. Some of these can be deceptively simple and easy to get into! If you’re hurting for some extra cash, try flipping through these possibilities and be creative! When you put your mind to it, you’ll be surprised at the ways you can find to help make ends meet!

To assist in this effort, I’ve put together a kind of list to help brainstorm some things you can do for extra money. Keep an open mind and remember to stay positive!

Free Gift Cards

There are dozens of different programs on the internet and in stores to get free gift cards. You can sign up for rewards programs at Amazon or other retailers, and often receive a $10+ gift card, just for signing up!

Your options here are versatile, and will change over time, so remain vigilant and keep your eyes peeled for possible deals!

Website Testing

With thousands of new sites popping up every day, it’s no surprise that many of them are bug-ridden and unusable. Even a lot of the big name websites can tend to lag behind or perform poorly in search engine results.

That’s where you come in! If you’re tech savvy with some experience in web design, you can test websites for money, over the internet, without ever leaving the comfort of your own home! Some websites can pay up to $30 an hour for this service!

So without further ado, in no particular order, my list of 55 ways to make money from home, legitimately!


There is a handy little website called “Achievemint”, which allows users to gain “achievements” in their day to day lives. These achievements are sponsored by other users, and can earn points which users can use to earn cash, or other things like Amazon gift cards.

Earning 10,000 points earns you $10, and there’s no limit on how much you can earn! Most of the achievements are health and lifestyle related, so if you’re health conscious or active, this can be a great motivator as well!

Clinical Trials

You might have gotten some spam calls or junk email asking you to participate in a clinical trial. This is when research firms pay individuals to participate in testing runs for different drugs and medical treatments. The idea is that you provide valuable human testing data for the drug, and you get paid for your time and risk.

While this can seem scary to some people, usually the things being tested are rather benign. It is quite rare that you will be expected to test something dangerous. Even then, the compensation will reflect the increased risk.

Unfortunately, hopeful participants have to meet a large number of strict requirements in order to ensure that their data is useful and consistent. These requirements can change from trial to trial, but they typically require healthy, adult, non-smokers.


Just like with any teaching job, tutoring can effectively be done remotely, or even personally in your own home!

Helping kids with their math homework or even assisting more advanced students on more complex topics can be a very lucrative field for those with the education and confidence to get started in tutoring. Some children can be difficult, and it can be hard when your clients don’t see results, but the versatility and comfort of this option is hard to pass up!

Teaching English Online

English is a hugely important language, and there are millions of people from all around the world trying to learn it every year. If you can speak, read, and write fluent English, then you’re all set to try teaching!

Even if you have no second language, you can teach ESL (English as a Second Language) students who already know the basics, or even make lesson plans for other teachers who can speak to newer students.

There are a variety of firms and services available worldwide for connecting English teachers with people who want to learn, so take a look today!

Become a Commentator

There are new vlogs and internet personalities popping up every day. If you aren’t religiously following the trends, it can be easy to lose track of all the new vlog content and commentaries being uploaded to YouTube.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get in on it, though. There are a wide variety of topics you can vlog about on YouTube or other platforms. video games, novels, politics, all these areas have their own niches where you can find the perfect audience!

If you have something to say, anything at all, and the motivation to say it well and get your message out there, then perhaps being an internet commentator is right for you!

Data Entry

One of the cool things about living in the digital age is the sheer amount of data that passes through our hands on a day-to-day basis. It can be staggering to try and organize and control all of the pertinent information in our lives, especially for large companies and tech giants!

The upside to all this is that many of these companies and individuals still require human data entry workers to process some of the information. While we can’t work quite as fast as a computer, we can make varied and complex decisions without external prompts, which makes us valuable for data entry.

Jobs like this are all over the place, check out freelance websites or small time IT companies to see if they have any opportunities.

Travel Agent

Although most companies require you to pass some form of certification to work as a travel agent; the qualifications are simple and cheap to obtain. Travel agent work can be very lucrative once you’ve got your process established, and working with big name travel companies can help earn you some serious cash.

One of the best parts of being a travel agent is the versatility. You can book cookie-cutter resort vacations in Jamaica, or in-depth historical tours of the various forts around the Cuban islands.

The specifics are up to you, and your profits will depend on your dedication. However, the advantages of taking up some travel agent training can be very attractive for those interested in this line of work.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing which involves rewarding your existing customers for bringing new customers to the product or service. It allows companies to incentivise marketing in a performance-based manner, and helps to keep new clients interested in their products.

You can also become affiliated through sites like Amazon Affiliate or Google Ad Sense, and get paid to promote certain products or services on your existing website!

Freelance Writing

You ever wonder where all those click bait articles come from? Hundreds of new articles about random topics seem to come out every day all over the internet! Who writes them?

We do! Sites like Freelancer.com and Upwork serve to hook independent content writers and bloggers with people who require writing. If you have an interest or aptitude for writing, looking into this option can be very lucrative.

It can be a lot of work to be a successful writer, especially in freelance when you have to manage all the specifics yourself, but sites like the ones I mentioned can help you get an effective start in a promising industry!


Just like with writing, there are lots of people all over the world that need tons of text translated into and out of any language you can think of. This is a great option for immigrants to English-speaking countries who have a fairly good grasp of English.

Most of the time, you will be expected to translate into your mother tongue from your second language. This is so that the translated text will seem native and natural.

If you are bi-lingual and this seems like your cup of tea, there are plenty of freelance websites around that offer services or jobs in translation and related fields.

Graphic Design

Much like writing and translation, artistic individuals have a lot of options when it comes to freelance.

If you have a nice set up for graphic design (such as a computer or tablet and all the necessary hardware), then you’re well on your way to offering your own graphic design services.

If you have an artistic streak in you and you think it would be cool to make logos and design website templates, then graphics design can be a very attractive option.

Voice Acting and Narration

If you have a nice voice and a desire to talk for a living. The world of voice acting and narration may be for you!

Although it can be expensive to set up a proper computer and microphone for doing voice work, the opportunities are basically endless once you become established. There are always hundreds of people looking for good voices to put behind their marketing materials.

If you want to be that voice, check out some marketing companies or even just come freelance contracts online.

Virtual Assistant

This one has been gaining traction in the professional sector for a long time now. A virtual assistant is kind of like a traditional administrative assistant, except they work remotely. Often this will allow the assistant to work from the comfort of their own home.

The advantages being a virtual assistant include the ability to take on multiple clients and be your own boss. If you have experience in being an administrative assistant (or even just a willingness to learn), it can be very easy to get started in this field.

Like many other items on this list, your best bet will be freelance websites.


Some people may scoff at this. Investing? I barely have enough money to pay the bills! How am I supposed to start and maintain a healthy portfolio?

While it has been true in the past that it can be difficult to get started with investing, technology has changed the world around us dramatically. There are lots of options now for less experienced traders and prospective investors to start building a nest-egg for cheap!

This one can be a bit risky, so it’s important that you always do your own research!

Property Management

Buying and managing a rental property is another field of business that has traditionally been out of reach for the lower-classes. That being said, there are many options these days for inexperienced and eager renters to start managing their own properties for cheap.

If you have the startup capital to set up something like this, the advantages can be very lucrative. Just beware that this industry can be expensive and time consuming. It’s always a good idea to inform yourself about your options before putting any money down!


Just like with investment or property management, cryptocurrency is one of those exciting frontiers that is experiencing a large amount of change.

If you don’t know anything about cryptocurrencies, basically they are a digital currency that doesn’t rely on a central institution to verify transactions. In addition to the limited supply, this decentralized nature makes cryptocurrencies similar to gold in many aspects.

This has been reflected by extreme surges in price for coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but there are volatile losses as well. Just like anything else, do your own research before deciding to play around with crypto.

Filling Out Online Surveys

There are literally hundreds of websites that have surveys for you to fill out in return for cash and other rewards. You’ve probably seen a few of these around and wondered if they were legit. Many of them are, and can be quite lucrative.

Some people report being able to make up to an extra $250 a month just from filling out surveys! Do a quick google search to see if there’s anything you might be up for.

Paid Likes and Views

Although it may seem a bit greasy, there are totally legitimate marketing firms who recruit individuals like you to watch videos and click on links in return for cash!

People who make content pay companies like this to boost their optics and visibility, and the companies pay people like you to sit there and do things like watch a certain number of videos from a client, or hit like on a certain number of a client’s pages.

Online Gaming

There are dozens of big-time poker and gambling sites that can actually make you a decent amount of money, if you know how to play.

Obviously, gambling isn’t the best way to be making money, so there are also websites like Dailyrewards.com who will actually pay you cash for playing games, reading emails, taking surveys, &c.

Search Engine Testing

Digital metrics can be all well and good for determining who is using your search engine, but how do you know if your engine is giving the best results it can?

Some of the most powerful companies in the world right now run search engines, and the algorithms that control them are being developed by highly paid teams of experts working around to clock to make sure they stay on top of the information food chain.

This is where you come in. Even with only a basic background in IT or SEO, you can be an effective tester, and test search engines for cash.

Ghost Writing

This one is a lot like freelance, in that you will be handling many of your own clients and business particulars, but ghost writing is different from general freelance writing in a couple key ways.

The most obvious one is that you will not be credited for your work. Ghost writing is written by an individual who is not credited, who signs it off to be published under somebody else’s name.

Obviously, you need to be able to write with a variety of styles to be effective here, but the actual opportunities can be much more lucrative than simple freelance writing.

Online Jury Duty

Just as technology has drastically reshaped the information and communications sectors, the political and legal sectors are experiencing some exciting growth as well!

Nowadays you can sit on a remote jury, watching court proceedings from the comfort of your own home, and being paid for it!

If you meet the requirements, you can sign up now at eJury.com.

Pet Sitting

Some of the options on this list may seem like children’s jobs to you, but believe me, it’s never been more lucrative for adults to be filling these types of responsibilities!

If you get a good catalog of trusting clients, being a pet sitter can be an extremely lucrative pastime. You can set this up as your own business and promote using fliers and stuff like that, or you can try and get hooked up through a pet sitting service in your area.

Arts and Crafts

If you have an old airbrushing kit laying around, or perhaps a calligraphy set, there’s no reason you can’t crank out some quality arts and crafts to sell at festivals or online. There’s really no limit to what you can do if you have a creative hand, so experimenting and finding your niche is key.

Other possibilities include holiday decorations, jewelry, phone accessories and more. Do some poking around on eBay or at a local art display to get some ideas.


With such a large amount of video and audio being created to suit our marketing and social needs these days, there’s a huge demand for people willing and able to transcribe audio from videos, phone calls, and other recordings for data analysis or cataloging purposes.

There are plenty of freelance opportunities online, even if you’re just starting out. Do some googling to familiarize yourself before getting your hands dirty.


If you have a passion for culinary delights, and the ability to back up your ambition, there are a wealth of opportunities available to you.

Obviously being a cook in a restaurant is hardly working from home, but there are plenty of interesting opportunities available in this realm as well.

You can become a contract baker for a restaurant that outsources their desserts, and cook from your home if you have the facilities.

There’s also the possibility of coming up with a killer cupcake recipe and starting a great new brand from the comfort of your kitchen!

As always, finding your niche is key, but if you have the passion and the talent, the world is your culinary oyster.

Developing Marketable Skills

While you’re poking around these freelance websites looking for some new ideas, don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for things you can develop into marketable skills.

If you log on to Upwork or Freelancer looking for copy writing positions, and you see that there are a lot of script writing jobs available, then that’s a good avenue for you to move forward in.

No matter which pursuit you select from your list of skills, there’s always ways in which you can diversify, specialize, or otherwise improve your marketability as a freelancer. Making sure to stay on top of your skills and the market will make a huge difference in your bottom line.

Motivational Work

There’s a huge market on the internet nowadays for motivation. People find it hard in their day to day lives to pursue self-improvement and progress, so there’s a large societal appetite for feel-good media.

The niche itself is extremely vast, there are people who make their living publishing pamphlets, while others hold video seminars and charge for admission. If you’re an ambitious person who is inspired to inspire others, then you will go a long way in this field.

Creative writing experience also provides a huge advantage in this category, but it isn’t the be-all-end-all. Look into some of your favorite motivational speakers and study how they got started, how they talk, and how you can make their formula work for you.

Renting Out Space

If you have an extra guest room, or garage, or any space whatsoever, it’s likely that you can rent it out for money. Aside from renting rooms out to people looking for a cheap roof over their head, you can rent out your garage if you don’t have a car, or if you’re okay with letting a local band practice there.

As long as your space is marketable (easy access, good internet, ample electricity and utilities) then you can probably make some extra money off of it. Just make sure that you comply with any applicable laws before you go renting out space.

Renting Out Items

Likewise, if you have any sets of tools, expensive power equipment, musical instruments, or things like that, they can probably be rented out to people looking to save a buck themselves.

Remember that things like acquiring tools can be one of the most limiting hurdles for youngsters looking to become tradespeople. Musical instruments are a good avenue as well, especially if you can teach.

Being A Sound Engineer

If you have a nice set of audio equipment, and enjoy making nice musical or voice recordings in your spare time, then there’s a huge amount of opportunities waiting for you.

Even amateur sound engineers with no formal education can make some easy money on the side doing recording for local bands, mixing audio for a local business commercial, or whatever have you. The possibilities are endless.

Being a Musician

Just like being a sound engineer, or cook, being able to play a variety of music is a marketable skill. Especially if you have a friend who has his own studio, or if you know somebody in the industry, finding jobs as a studio musician can be very simple and lucrative.

Especially in towns with moderate populations, there can be a concentration of guitarists, but a shortage of drummers. If you’re the only drummer in a city filled with guitarists, you actually stand to make a good deal of money playing in their recordings and promotional material.

Selling Antiques

If you have a lot of antique goods sitting around that you no longer have use for, there’s a chance it could fetch a pretty penny for you. Although it’s unlikely that you’ll find an antiques-roadshow-type knockout amongst all the junk in the attic, but there’s a possibility you might have some decently valued collectibles or clothing stashed away somewhere.

It can’t hurt to look, right?

Doing Call Center Work

The advent of the internet and remote work spaces has largely revolutionized the world of call centers. More and more of these employers are offering the option to work from the comfort of your own home.

All you really need is a computer, microphone, internet connection, and ability to motivate yourself to work at home.

I won’t lie to you, it can be tempting to watch TV all day while you do calls, but for those of us who can stay focused, this can be a very comfortable way to help pay the bills.

Tech Support

The world of call center work becomes even more lucrative if you can specialize in more technical support aspects of the industry.

With a background in IT you can even set up your own independent tech support business from home if you have the motivation and the time on your hands. Remember that almost anything you’ve spent time getting good at in your life can be applied to a marketable skill, so keep an open mind.

Flipping Thrift Goods

If you have a keen eye and a creative hand, you can probably find some interesting pieces at a flea market or thrift store to restore and sell for cash.

Things like vintage clothing and electronics, musical equipment, cars, dinner ware, &c, can all be resold to the right person for a profit if you have the resources and know-how.

Do some poking around at your local flea market to see if you can get any ideas.

Selling Unnecessary Devices

Nobody seems to keep their phone for more than a few months these days, and old televisions or radio sets are lying around in droves collecting dust.

While the actual value of these goods drops dramatically, there’s a possibility that you can luck out and find something with some valuable hardware such as vacuum tubes. Even if you don’t, there’s a decent market at thrift stores and flea markets for old electronics that still function.

Running a Bed and Breakfast

Much like renting out your space, if you have a lot of free time and room to facilitate something like this, converting your home into a bed and breakfast can be a very lucrative venture.

This is an especially attractive option if you consider yourself a people person, or you have excellent hospitality skills.

Open a Bank Account

Lots of banks offer free bonuses for opening an account. Doing a quick search or even just inquiring at your local branch can yield some promising results. Always make sure to read the requirements to collect any bonuses before you go and open an account.

Sell Your Books

Just like if you have any antique collectibles, books can be a treasure trove if you’ve collected the right ones. Anything first edition or by big name authors can sell at garage sales or to book dealers.

Go ahead and look on eBay and other shopping sites to see the kinds of authors and editions that pull in the big bucks. Even if you don’t find an autographed first edition of Gone With The Wind, any popular classics or big-name contemporary titles will probably sell fairly easily.

Sell Your Junk Mail

Believe it or not, there are independent research companies who pay for people to dump their junk mail on them. Companies like the Small Business Knowledge Center use the junk mail for market research.

Look into the site and see if you can work something out with them!

Free Scratch Tickets

Obviously, the lottery is never going to make you rich, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get free scratch tickets that can pay out cash!

Lucktastic is a free app which allows you to download free digital scratch off tickets. The winnings can net you up to $10,000! The app is paid for by advertising, so there’s no hidden strings attached. If this is your cup of tea, go for it!


If none of the creative writing suggestions listed above have appealed to you so far, you may want to consider blogging. There are millions of blogs being updated every day about every single niche imaginable.

There’s no reason you can’t find a marketable niche and make yourself a stand-out example for it. You like candy? Blog about candy. You like reviewing cat costumes? Knock yourself out. If you find a niche you’re comfortable writing about that has the right metrics, you can always make something magical happen!

Renting Out Your Vehicle

Much like renting out tool sets or power equipment, renting out a capable vehicle can be a very comfortable way to make a few extra bucks. It can be especially easy if you have a pickup truck or another type of vehicle with practical applications.

Work With Amazon

Amazon is a huge company with a lot of very diverse needs. They have a number of positions that can be filled by a remote worker, including checking listings and ensuring consistency between different parts of the website.

If you have any experience in IT, marketing, data entry, or web design, this will be a big plus and even present career opportunities.

For more information visit Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Receive Refunds for Internet Outages

If your internet company experiences extended, or even intermittent outages, it’s possible that you can get a refund from your internet provider.

A handy little app called Trim allows people to upload a PDF of their bill to see if they are eligible for any refunds.


If you like kids and have good resources and amenities at your home, babysitting is another viable option. If you offer special or extended services, you can set yourself apart from any of the high school girls trying to earn extra cash themselves!

If you are going to be making money in child care, always make sure you meet any necessary legal requirements to do so.

Become a Seamstress

I mentioned freelance sewing earlier, but being a seamstress deserves its own section. This is an extremely varied skill with a wide range of applications.

You can make original or commissioned clothes to sell online, you can start repairing damaged clothes for cash, you can make costumes for local hobbyists and actors, the list goes on and on!

Odd Jobs

If you’re able bodied and willing to work, there’s always stuff for you to do to make money. It wont always be from your home, but you can limit yourself to repairing peoples goods or furniture, or even teaching things like woodworking and gardening from your home!

Sell Old Photos to Stock Photo Companies

Companies that offer stock photos are always looking for new pictures to add to their library, so if you have a few old photographs laying around that you’re okay signing off, you can probably make a few quick bucks!

Product Reviews

This is another one for the creative writers with a lot of time on their hands. There are agencies on the internet (some hire through freelance websites) which will pay you to use products and write reviews for them on websites like Amazon.

You will need a verified Amazon account with confirmed purchases, however. They limit this aspect of the service to cut back on fake reviews.

If you have one, though, you’re all set!

Change Your Search Engine

Last but not least, you can get paid for switching to the Bing search engine.

Microsoft rewards will pay you with points to do things like take quizzes and use the Bing search Engine. The points are redeemable for items like gift cards and sweepstakes.

Updated on: March 2, 2019